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S.A. Pedrosa Artworks

Kents Point - 10" x 10" Resin Cast Acrylic on Wood Panel

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The item listed is 10x10x1.5 inches.

This piece is inspired by hikes with my wife and kids along the marshy shores of Cape Cod, more precisely near Orleans, Massachusetts. Kents Point is what we like to look for when we set off on adventures - a place where time stands still and we can fully appreciate existing without the trappings of modernity and contemporary life. The nautical chart in the background was incorporated into the photograph that was placed over the textured acrylic painting in the background. Predominant colors are darkened turquoise and black.

The piece has been set in a sleek resin cast that draws out the vibrancy of the colors while ensuring a solid protective finish.

This item is ready to be displayed (hung or on a shelf) right out of the box.

Hope you enjoy it! Check out my IG (@surge__artist) for more.

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